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23 Feb 2024
Holdem Coaching
23 Feb 2024

Poker is no longer just a game, but a mass hobby. In this regard, professional players are increasingly noticing that the average level of opponents is increasing every year. In order not to find themselves in the role of catching up, even the top regs are trying to play even more carefully and more attentively. 

Profit maximization comes to the forefront for most pros. What can't be said about beginners. The reason for the concern is simple — many beginners do not receive advanced poker training before sitting down at the table with real money bets. This is why we recommend looking into free poker coaching. It's a popular type of training where you don't have to pay money. Is this approach profitable, and most importantly, effective nowadays? Let's find out!

Why choose free poker coaching?

Even people who know absolutely nothing about the game can learn to play it well and even win! In addition to literature, method books and video lessons, poker schools are staffed with strong teachers.

They make learning to play poker for free extremely useful for furthering your career. Even if a beginner just wants to learn how to play, this approach is really practical and rational.

By following a program that takes into account your individual characteristics, you will receive material from simple to complex. And there's no pressure on you — you choose the time you’ll spend on the course independently.

Besides, learning poker with video examples is perfectly digestible and gives very good results after the first few days. This is not surprising, because many people find it easier to see once than to read a hundred times.

Although, just reading poker books in combination with other methods of training increases the effectiveness of lessons. Studying the classics from pros, you will quickly understand the essence of the game and will be better oriented at the poker hand or table.

At the same time, even if after free poker coaching you choose a paid format, say at the same school or the same coach, it will definitely be a profitable investment for you.

In some cases, you don't have to invest anything! This is called CFP Poker (abbreviation stands for coaching for profit). In this case, your poker school will do everything for you, because most of the time you will get free start-up capital to play.

Just imagine: you get coached and you get money to play! Isn't that a dream? But everything is much more prosaic: poker schools sign contracts with the leading poker rooms, and the latter give part of the profits as a sign of gratitude for new clients and advertising.

So don't waste your time: sign up and get free poker courses right now. Not only will you get the opportunity to download poker tutorials, but you'll also be under the supervision of an experienced tutor.

Try to absorb as much as you can — while you have such an opportunity. Because when you sit down at the gaming table, no one will be able to help you. You will have to rely only on yourself.

Most effective options for best poker training

The short list for beginners in 2024 looks next:

  • YouTube.
  • Twitch.TV.
  • Poker Forums.
  • Reddit.
  • Free poker training site.
  • Podcasts.

The options are given in random order — you can select one or more of them.

Get Coach — trust professionals

So you want to play poker but don't know the rules? Do you have a strong desire to learn how to play poker, know all its secrets and win? If yes, then you need to sign up for free poker training. By doing this, you can be sure that you will learn to play poker well — without spending a penny.

What's the first thing they'll teach you? Poker combinations, of course. It’s the basis of the game, which determines the winner. The stronger your combination, the more chances you have to win. There are a total of 10 combinations in Texas Hold'em. You will be introduced to all combinations by a trainer. In the process of training you will memorize them all and learn to identify all of them.

There may be webinars every day at a convenient time for you so that everyone can attend. These webinars breakdown the behavior of the hands. You will learn how to recognize a bluff or a double bluff. It is the ability to "read" your opponent that will lead you to nice results. 

There are training videos available on the site, which you can watch at any time. There are also special articles, if you learn better from reading rather than from wathcing videos. You can apply your new learned knowledge immediately, as the poker game itself is built into the site (the software here is still under development). Also you can teach to play right in it both with real people or versus a computer bot.

The appearance of the training site is made by a professional designer, who executed it in light colors that do not strain the eyes. Navigation is also made conveniently. You can easily find the page you are looking for.

The site has its own technical support team that is ready to answer all your questions at any time of the day. Specialists will help you in solving your problems, answer questions that arise when playing and using the site.

On our platform we’ll provide you an updated list of free poker trainers, who know card games like five fingers. With years of experience, they have learned everything and are ready to teach you the best way. Specialists from our team have already taught many people how to play poker and win. 

Here you can either learn in virtual classes with others or you can hire an individual coach. Free with others will help you connect more and get to know poker better from other people's point of view. There are special webinars for you that are designed to maximize your learning experience, attend them and you can be sure that you will learn a lot more about poker than just playing on your own.

Is it worth starting?

So, how to start playing poker? Let's begin with the fact that online poker is not just a game of chance, but intelligence and to some extent even a kind of sport. Why? Because here, as in many other games, almost everything will depend on skill and ability. By the way, a large number of successful pros, moved to the card game #1 in the world from gambling sphere and cybersport. 

Getting easy money on a regular basis in online poker is no longer possible.

It will take a lot of persistence and work. Answering the question of whether you should start trying your hand at online poker and earn money with it, we would say yes without hesitation. But if it were 2005-2012. And it’s not empty words, but facts, which are based on hundreds, and perhaps thousands of opinions of famous poker players.

Of course, it's not the same golden age as it was between the Chris Moneymaker poker boom and Black Friday / Full Tilt closure, but there are still more reasons to say "Yes" to start playing online poker rather than to say "No". Take, for example, the same poker pros — they do not leave the chosen path and continue their career. Even though the quality and level of play has increased significantly. 

The important thing here is the approach to the goal of the person himself, and if he will do the correct steps, then, of course, everything will work out. And it is enough to start with the recommendations given by us.

Don't expect quick results after free poker courses

Another golden rule is that you should not expect money to flow in the first month after learning. Poker is a game of perspective, and you must be ready for it. 

It can take several months or even a year to start earning seriously — it all depends on the individual and his determination. Well, the first time without losses you just can not do without, so it is better to treat mistakes as a kind of payment for training. And it's not just about money.

It will also take a lot of valuable time and nerves to become a poker pro. And if your failures last for a long time, take a break for 2-3 days. The main thing in any case is do not fall into tilt.

In online poker there are no guarantees as such, and any pro will tell you that poker is hard work. If you give all of yourself, then you will get everything you deserve. Below we’ll present you a list of hard workers and underdogs who started from the bottom and are now dollar multi-millionaires:

1.    Bryn Kenny — $65 mln.
2.    Justin Bonomo — $63 mln.
3.    Jason Koon — $55 mln.
4.    Steven Chidwick— $54 mln.
5.    Dan Smith — $52 mln.

Just like in real life, poker has a rule of natural selection, where the strongest man wins.

Try live game

By the way, literally all of the above five players who started at micro-limits have also achieved great success in the offline arena. No wonder — why not try live tournaments for a change? Especially when such forays into the spotlight can make a player famous. And then comes the big fame, sponsorship contracts with world brands and so on. 

There is no need to go far for an example — what is the situation with Timofey "Trueteller" Kuznetsov, who used to play exclusively online, but in 2015 appeared in public for the first time. Now his total live earnings are close to 9 mln. As for the location of such games, it can be the USA, Europe, Russia and other places. We recommend paying attention to best offline festivals:

•    World Series of Poker.
•    European Poker Tour.
•    World Poker Tour.
•    Asia Pacific Poker Tour.
•    Latin American Poker Tour.

Do you consider yourself a gambler and want to get more out of poker? You’d like to play poker for real money and with it’s help serve an excellent investment in your future? Then online poker is the way to go. And even more so when you have a wide range of no deposit bonuses and promotions from flagship poker rooms at your disposal. So get knowledge, practice, work on your game and you will definitely succeed!

Final thoughts on free online poker training

How to learn to play poker on your own? Summarizing the above — it is more profitable and convenient for beginners to start with a free poker course. To do this, it is enough to first familiarize yourself with the rules / combinations and learn the basics of strategy. Beginners can start by playing for free chips / freerolls, and also take advantage of welcome deposit bonuses. 

No matter how you play, playing for money is much more interesting, so as soon as you get more practice, you can safely move to micro-limits. And when you move up, don't forget to spend time on analyzing / self-improvement, using poker software, books, videos and so on. We hope that this article was useful and that you will be able to take advantage of all the benefits of free online poker training. We wish you much success in all your endeavors!


We would like to pay special attention to this section. As a rule, after passage of free poker school it is impossible to remember all the aspects of playing poker for real money at once, so we will answer the top 5 questions that are most often asked by beginners.

Can I play in tournaments for free? 

Each of the poker rooms we have listed above provides this option. It's called freerolls. You just need to monitor upcoming free tournaments in the lobby of your chosen room from time to time, register in time and participate in them. There are thousands of cases in the community where successful players have built their bankroll from scratch starting from poker freerolls.

What software is desirable to use to win more money? 

Most advanced poker players use special programs that help to improve the level of play, show mistakes, analyze strategies and technical actions. Among the most common software options are: PokerTracker, Hold'em Manager, HoldemResources, ICMIZER, NoteCaddy, ProTools, TableNinja and others. Before using a particular type of software, be sure to familiarize yourself with the features and capabilities it offers.

Which payment system to choose for a beginner? 

The most popular payment systems you will find in any secure room are Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller and cryptocurrencies. Choose the one that suits you best.

What is the age to play online poker? 

It's quite simple — you can only play online poker if you are over 18 years old. This rule applies to most countries. We do not advise you to cheat game rooms — if you are not of age, you will not be able to withdraw your winnings, because at the first cash-out the system may ask you to confirm your identity.

How to play for money without downloading the program? 

If you don't want to waste time downloading and installing a poker app, and play your favorite game through your own or even someone else's PC, there is an alternative. Nowadays, browser-based versions of the game for macOS, Windows and Linux have virtually the same set of features and tricks as the client program. However, not all poker rooms support browser-based play — for example, GGPoker, 888 and PokerStars.

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