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01 Mar 2024
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01 Mar 2024

Occasionally everyone can win in online poker. But to get profit on a daily basis, you need to constantly work on the game, develop as a professional and pump your own strategy. There are exceptions, but statistics say that players who "play with their heart" rather than their mind of course do not achieve huge success. 

On the contrary, the vast majority of professionals spend more time in training and analyzing programs than at the online tables! In this article we'll look at what the best poker training software can be and how it helps you improve your game skills. Also after that we will consider such alternative methods of training as mobile programs and poker books to take your game to the next level. Let's get started!

What is poker-software?

These are computer programs that you're used to. With their help poker players make the gaming process more comfortable: learning, training and analyzing their game. Poker tools and poker software can be used to perform various tasks, for example such as:

  1. Display statistics on your opponents. This is called a HUD (heads-up display);
  2. Save your hands and game history for further analysis;
  3. Practice in various preset conditions without risking your own money;
  4. Calculate the chances of winning (equity). For this purpose you need a poker calculator;
  5. Learn to think in terms of ranges and put these skills into practice;
  6. Get more information about your opponents by looking at their past poker sessions statistics;
  7. Calculate the optimal hand ranks. For this you need a special solver — the most advanced poker program with a paid subscription (it's not suitable for beginners).

Programs for professional training — what’s included in the «gentleman’s kit»?

If you have just started your poker journey, you shouldn’t overload yourself with incomprehensible software from head to toe. At the same time, you should not neglect the advantages of regulars who’re using a basic training set of poker-software.

Nowadays the perfect choice is:

The poker software on the list is constantly being improved and updated. The usual interactive applications and analytical programs, which are based on traditional mathematical models, are being replaced by auxiliary utilities with elements of AI (artificial intelligence). Most of them are potentially of great benefit to a player, which eventually transforms into a profit and results on the long distance. Now let's take a look closer at these poker training software.

ICM Trainer

The application is developed by PokerStrategy in two versions that can be installed on your computer. The simplified Light version offers a course of 10 lectures on the ICM model. The training is designed for tournament poker players familiar with the basics of strategy. 

In each lesson, you are asked to answer a question about a specific game situation by choosing one of two answer options. The next lesson becomes available after successful completion of the previous one. It's allowed to open the lesson when the game software is running.

The full version includes an extended list of lessons and contains ICM Calculation — it shows calculations for game examples. Also the user can enter his own data for calculations.

Note: ICM Trainer can not be used when the game application of the room is open. In such cases the user's account may be blocked.

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PioSolver is a poker calculator for GTO strategy calculations. This type of poker coaching software is especially popular among beginners because they don't need to spend months studying GTO theory alone. The PioSolver automatically adjusts the optimal game for specific situations (according to popular Nash equilibrium).

Despite the simple interface of the program, we recommend not to buy a license and use the PioSOLVER free version first. The calculator allows you to set up scripts — special algorithms that automate most of the typical poker actions. For example, to calculate the most profitable Nash actions, the user can specify several parameters in advance. Then PioSolver will calculate the necessary set of actions and their potential profit.

It usually takes a lot of time to calculate — in most cases the calculator needs several hours to analyze tens of thousands of possible poker combinations. In addition, the accuracy will directly depend on how exact the user has entered the data.

If a player does not have enough free time, he can buy ready-made calculation packages. They will allow you to quickly form your own matrix on Nash equilibrium. In addition, in this way, your PC will not be subjected to heavy loads that arise during long calculations and output of the decision tree on a given request manually.


  • PioSolver Basic — free;
  • PioSolver 3.0 Pro — $249;
  • PioSolver Edge — $549.

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GTO Wizard

GTO Wizard is an advanced poker game analysis tool that helps players find optimal solutions to situations based on GTO (Game Theory Optimal) strategies. It offers tools to clearly understand mathematically based strategies and improve the quality of decisions during poker sessions.

This poker application is presented as a complete web service and is designed for in-depth study of GTO and analyzing your game. This solver's specialty is that it contains more than 5 million ready-made solutions in its database and is ideal for honing your skills to play optimally — both preflop and postflop.

Of course, there are a bunch of other solvers available today, but GTO Wizard takes things to the next level — by combining a user-friendly interface, speed and accuracy. It's a great choice for experienced players and beginners alike. Here's what's in store for you:

  1. Game Exploration: with GTO Wizard AI, you can utilize the functionality of a modern solver and the power of artificial intelligence to solve any problem and get solutions in seconds;
  2. GTO Trainer: you can play against virtual opponents to improve your understanding of GTO and fix leaks in your strategy;
  3. Range Builder: you can create GTO ranges for different scenarios;
  4. Exercises: you can personally create specific spots and practice on them while playing against virtual opponents;
  5. Tutorial videos: watch detailed explanations and breakdowns from the best players.

From this brief overview, it should be clear that GTO Wizard offers everything you need to significantly improve your game, regardless of your current level.

The software is valid for the likes of PokerStars, PartyPoker, 888Poker, Microgaming, iPoker, Chico Network, Winamax, PokerMaster and even PPPoker app.

Experienced players can use the platform for their own research and strategy improvement, while beginners can choose from a ready-made training plan. Price starts at $49 and go up to $149. Although annual subscriptions will be more profitable to buy.

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Provided free of charge by the training platform PokerStrategy, which has made more than one self-tutorial on poker. Equilab is recommended for beginners starting to learn the rules. Installed on a PC, it includes useful tools for analyzing game history.

The Equilab program calculates the probability of winning against specific opponent cards and ranges. The user enters the values of starting hands independently. The calculator also considers the positions of the player and the opponents.

Scenario Analyzer calculates postflop equity by trying different card draws for each street. Includes training functionality "Equity Trainer" — it’s a set of ready-made tests to check knowledge. The user is required to determine the probability of winning in different situations and check the answers with the correct indicators.

The software can not be used when the game client of most rooms is working — it is better to clarify this point through the support of your poker room.

Equilab is aimed at advanced players studying poker math and improving their strategy.

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This powerful tool is designed to act comprehensively and provide the player with an optimal individual strategy of the game with maximum results. PokerSnowie is based on the GTO strategy (also known as the Nash model). The principle of this model is a unique combination of poker math and human psychology. The fact is that the user who uses strategies based solely on mathematical calculations, he becomes predictable and risks to lose even more money. 

In poker, stability is not always actual: regular opponents will know your range of hands for 3 bets or fold, and will be able to predict your future actions. If he has software like Poker Tracker, Holdem Manager, ICMIZER or other software for analyzing opponents, he will read you like an open book.

PokerSnowie is designed to make the Nash strategy come true in every new game you play online. Its basic principle is that the poker program not only determines the optimal actions from a mathematical point of view, but also will help to make the strategy unpredictable for your opponents.

The advantage of PokerSnowie is that the developers did not add ready-made poker strategies to the software, but put only basic parameters (for example, three betting options in relation to the pot). The process of creating the software was that it played itself only on the basic limits.

As a result, the developers got more than a trillion different (and almost all possible) game scenarios, which are used as the database of the software.

PokerSnowie works with stacks of up to 400 big blinds and can show optimal solutions according to the Nash model even in real time (the software has a HUD for online rooms). The creators of the program assure that the software is being improved literally every day. The algorithm keeps playing new games over and over again, creating additional scenarios and financially optimal solutions for the user.

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Flopzilla is a popular poker calculator and program where self-study is best. The main purpose of it is to help players learn to think in terms of ranges and make the right decisions in complex spots.

The program shows how often certain ranges will fall on the board. It is an ideal solution for analyzing already made hands. The software will help to quickly and easily deal with mistakes during the game, wrong actions of the player, which led to significant financial losses.

Flopzilla helps you to develop your range thinking, accurately calculate possible fold-equity and increase your plus-value at all rounds of trading. The more you practice with the help of this software, the better you play online and even offline. It’s because the basic schemes and combinations remain in the player's memory.

About the main features:

  • Intuitive interface;
  • Supports tournaments and cash games;
  • Displays the probabilities of strengthening a specified hand to each of the possible combinations;
  • Includes HoldEq Equity Calculator. Instructions on how to activate HoldEq for Flopzilla (in Flopzilla Pro version it is already built into the program interface);
  • A license that allows you to use the software from two PCs;
  • The possibility of a free period of use — 7 days.

The first step after launching the software is to specify the desired list of pocket cards on preflop. The next step is to select a board — Flopzilla automatically displays how often the specified pocket cards help to form a winning combination on a particular table. 

Flopzilla works much faster than other preflop calculators and shows only the most valuable statistics without overloading poker players with unnecessary data. The program will show the result in just a few minutes. For this reason, there is not even a special button on the main window to start long calculations. 

You can use Flopzilla as a trainer to practice and understand flops on different types of tables. Just enter your pocket cards and start calculations.

If you want to upgrade to a more advanced version, just pay the difference in price. Flopzilla is not sold by subscription, but once and for all. In the online store it can be purchased for $25. Judging by user reviews, such investments are more than repaid.

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FreeBetRange provides a convenient training tool, allowing you to create and run through exercises for different ranges. Training modes such as Classic and Range Mode provide a variety of training methods, including realistic scenarios and range accuracy testing. Among its’ features:

  1. Range Editor;
  2. Range Viewer;
  3. Preflop Trainer.

Easy access and integration make this tool convenient for managing all aspects of your preflop ranges in a single place. All functionality is available online and stored in real time. Here's how it looks:

With FreeBetRange, there is no need to install software on your computer. It is enough to register on the site (Google authorization is also possible).

You can then open the website from any device and manage your ranges like a real poker pro.

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PartyCaption, 888Caption and StarsCaption are programs that can be called «poker assistants» or helpers. They make playing at certain poker rooms more comfortable. Here are some examples of useful functions of such programs:

  1. Converts stacks into BBs. This feature originally appeared in Caption, and then poker rooms started to implement it;
  2. Change the design of tables: remove eye-catching animations and avatars, bring all tables in most poker rooms to a common denominator;
  3. Save notes: Caption has a very convenient system of displaying notes on the screen. In addition, they will not disappear, because they are stored on your computer, not in the database of the poker room;
  4. Customize any convenient bet sizes;
  5. Activate hotkeys;
  6. Hide pop-up windows;
  7. Memorize any table layout.

This is by no means a complete list of features of assistant programs. They also have a built-in HUD, the ability to customize timebanks and much more.  The free trial period of this software is 30 days, and Caption always remains free for micro limits (cash up to NL10, tournaments — up to $3).

Poker Training Software: mobile applications

When learning to play poker, you should start practicing your knowledge online. It is not necessary to start with poker rooms, because when registering a player receives welcome bonuses. In fact, they are obliged to play for conditional chips or real money, because they are temporary.

Therefore, beforehand it is better to start with useful mobile applications. This is relevant for players who have a little time, have a main job, and they are still considering poker as a source of additional income.

Top-3 programs for smartphones / tablets:

  • «Learn Poker».
  • Postflop+.

What they represent — find out in the material below.

«Learn Poker»

Similarly, we will spend the top-3 options for the user. True in a more condensed form, because here you need to play — not read the description. The first proven self-tutor of poker — "Learn Poker" from the developer Youda Games. The interactive mobile app is available in the Google Play Market and AppStore. 

The most interesting thing is the interactive learning that takes place in four stages. Textual presentation of the material is accompanied by examples:

  1. Poker basics — rules and terminology;
  2. Combinations — types and seniority of poker layouts;
  3. Tactics — basic concepts of strategy;
  4. Bluffs — tactical tricks.

After passing four levels, the user is offered to take a test for knowledge of the material. The test is conducted in the format of a game against virtual opponents. The program analyzes the actions of the player — gives a conclusion about the level of training. The application "Learn to play poker" is aimed at beginners who are not familiar with the rules. It also works in online and offline modes.

Of the disadvantages: in the application often pop up commercials. There’s no paid version without them.

Note that this software will not teach you how to play profitably, but only give initial knowledge about strategy.


Mobile simulator-trainer named ATHYLPS is designed to master combinations and improve the level of play. Familiarizes you with general poker rules, poker layouts table, descriptions, rules of construction, and fallout probabilities.

Complete list: 

  • Determining outs;
  • Counting odds;
  • Practice and competition modes;
  • Statistics on completed exercises.

Training program selects different exercises and tracks the user's results. It also includes the game «Should I accept the bet». Here poker player is offered a set of cards and variants of possible answers.

The ATHYLPS software is constantly being improved, but there is still one significant disadvantage: there’s still no version for iOS devices. The second: the first two exercises are free and you’ll have to pay for the subsequent ones.


Unlike the previous two apps, this poker self-trainer is designed for expert level poker players. "Postflop+ GTO Poker Trainer" from Crafty Wheel Studios is one of the best training programs for mastering game theory and helps to train skills in postflop GTO play.

The software simulates hands in cash games and tournaments. In the poker course of training you can choose the position and the course of the hand at the preflop stage: in standard pot, 3-bet / 4-bet, blind vs. blind, etc. Postflop+ offers the poker player to choose the appropriate action: fold, check or rake of a certain size, and in addition gives an estimate of +EV based on GTO strategy. 

The only question is the price: from $8.99 per month / $69.99 per year / $199.99 for a permanent license. You can try the program in test mode, but there’s a limit on the number of giveaways per day. Also, this poker training application is not yet provided for Apple devices: iPhone and iPad.

Self-teaching poker books

In addition to advanced and professional poker tools, it is equally important to read books for general self-development. And it can be completely different topics. The choice nowadays is huge. In addition, poker literature is a great way to distract yourself from the online routine. And quite democratic. Here’s short list of three relevant books that every poker player should pay attention to:

  • «Poker for Dummies».
  • «The Little Green Book».
  • «Harrington on Hold’em».

Despite the rapid growth of the technological world, there is no substitute for good old-fashioned books. There is no such thing as good or bad poker books. To become a guru in your field, both a beginner and an advanced poker player, you should familiarize yourself with as much useful literature as possible on the subject of poker: studying strategy, techniques, mathematical aspects, psychological moments, etc.


Your main task after what you have heard is to choose the best poker tools. It is even better to have several of them. For example, one from each category above. You can start in order by reading the book, continue practicing by downloading the app, and consolidate your knowledge through the best poker software for 2024. And it’s not that hard — we are sure you’ll succeed!

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