How much does a poker coach cost?

Nick Korolev
18 Jan 2024
18 Jan 2024

Average poker coach's rates can vary from $40 to $500 per hour. On - the main poker training website - you can use quick filters to find a coach according to your budget.

Main factors affecting the cost:

1. Poker career achievements

Coaches who play high stakes and have achieved outstanding results in their professional career tend to charge more for their services. Success in poker is the ultimate proof of a coach's competence.

Please note that coaches with public results proof have special badges. By choosing a coach with results proof badge, you can be 100% sure that they have achieved certain results in poker, and is definitely competent as a pro player.

2. Coaching experience

Depending on how long and how successfully the particular coach trains their students, the price for their services may also differ.

At the beginning of the coaching journey, poker pros may change even lower than their $/h from the game. So, if you find a professional player with little experience in coaching, you can get a lot of very useful knowledge at a reduced price, however, it may not be fully polished and structured.

On the other hand, a coach who already gained experience, structured their coaching plan, and has constant students, can charge significantly more than a beginner instructor. By hiring such a coach, you will pay more, but you will get a more professional approach to the training process.

3. Coach’s personal vision

There are no well-defined standards for estimating the cost of poker training services, so every coach makes their own assessment of the cost of their sessions. And since we know that the perception of all people is subjective, the price can vary greatly even without objective reasons.

For example, one coach really likes to help players to grow, they enjoy the process itself and are ready to do it for a reasonable price. Another coach may focus primarily on their development as a professional player, and use coaching as a source of additional income. In this case, they can probably charge a higher price per hour than they earn at the tables.

Conclusion and Advice for you

The cost of hiring a poker coach primarily depends on factors such as poker career achievements, coaching experience, and also a coach’s subjective estimation.

When choosing a coach, we recommend sticking to the concept of probabilities, just as we do at the tables.

If you choose a coach with above-average cost, this will increase your chances of getting quality training.If you are serious about growing as a professional player, don’t be shy to invest in your education - it will pay off in the long run.

However, price is not the only thing to pay attention to when looking for a coach. Read our article on How to choose the right coach and use all the features of the Getcoach marketplace to find the right mentor for you.

Good luck with learning and developing your poker skills!

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