How to find a poker coach?

Nick Korolev
23 Jan 2024
23 Jan 2024

All you need to do is to go to - the main poker training marketplace - and choose a coach using intuitive filters.

After you choose your coach from the list, you can instantly book a session with them.

Searching for a coach has become much easier - you no longer need to scan the forums in search of possible coaching ads. Everything is on one platform, and the list of coaches is constantly updated.

But even though the task of finding a coach has become technically easy, the “How to find the right coach for you” question still needs special attention. So let's look at a few tips on that.

Step 1. Define your goals

It will be much easier for you to find the right coach if you are clear about your goals. First of all, describe the current situation for yourself: How many hands have you already played in your career? Are you planning to move up in stakes in the near future? What do you think are your strengths and weaknesses? Do you feel confident at the tables?

After you have answered these very basic questions, ask yourself what you expect from training.

Maybe you are unhappy with your current win rate and want to analyze your database. Pay attention to coaches with the hashtag #Database analysis. Prepare a list of the most difficult spots before the session.

Maybe you feel constant psychological pressure or tilt, and want to reduce the influence of emotions at the table. In this case, you can pay attention to the coaches from the "Psychology" discipline.

In every coach profile, there is a detailed description of their services, and often also a piece of their personal and poker history. Once you have a clear understanding of your situation and your desired coaching goals, it will be much easier for you to determine which coach is best suited for them.

Step 2. Set the budget

You need to determine the budget that you can now allocate for your training. Act smart. Do not try to save money, because investing in knowledge is the most valuable thing in your development as a professional player. But at the same time, spend reasonable amounts that will not affect your confidence in your bankroll.

Check out our article How much does a poker coach cost?, in which we broke down the various factors affecting the cost of coaching services.

Once you've estimated your budget and understood how coaching rates work, you're ready to move on.

Step 3. Book the first session TODAY

The next step is to book your first session and it is best to do so as soon as possible. The hardest part is getting started. You can doubt, worry, and so on, this is absolutely normal. But do not let these emotions consume your brain. By postponing the start of classes, you are postponing a breakthrough in your development as a professional player.

You may think that you are not sure that you have found the exact right coach. The hard truth is that 100% chances do not exist in practice, and you know this as a poker player. So don't try to find the perfect coach. Give yourself a specific amount of time, for example - 1 day, to decide. Pick 2-3 potential candidates and book a session with one of them within a day.

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