Interview with Roman Belousov - Hand2Note HUD expert and poker coach

Roman Belousov
17 Feb 2024
17 Feb 2024

Hand2Note HUD expert and coach Roman Belousov answers 5 basic questions from Getcoach about his poker career, coaching goals and regular life. 

1. How long ago did you learn about poker and how did you become a professional?

I started playing poker in 2016 and tried many disciplines. In 2020, I tried myself in Shortdeck, and in less than a year, I reached the NL100.

Starting in 2021, I began to develop commercial products for Hand2note. In 2022, I stopped playing completely and put all my strength into HUDs development process. I use Hand2Note since I find it the most powerful and user-friendly on the market.

Now I play poker from time to time for fun.

2. Tell us more about your Hand2Note and coaching experience.

I have been creating Huds / Popups in Hand2Note for 3 years now. At the moment, there are over 25 products successfully implemented for different schools and funds, more than 500 personal HUDs, and minor product adjustments.

My experience in the Hand2note app: about 3000 hours. During my work, I spent hundreds of hours with coaches discussing product structure and filling, thanks to which I gained enormous knowledge of what stats and settings are crucially important and work best for different disciplines.

I can create HUD / Pop Ups of any complexity and develop a product from scratch for almost any discipline. Check out my Free Hand2Note HUD.

I have been consulting professional players on working in Hand2note for about 1 year. I've taught about 30 people how to use and create products in the program.

3. Where do you live and what do you usually do besides poker?

I recently moved to live in Astana, Kazakhstan.

I love dogs and sometimes do charity work for animal shelters. I enjoy watching chess games and playing a little myself. I am constantly working on improving my spoken English.

4. In your opinion, what are 3 main things that people who want to grow as professional poker players should learn?

  1. Desire to play and learn
  2. Patience in learning and self-control
  3. Self-analysis and sober assessment of yours and opponents' game

5. What are your coaching and general poker goals?

Hand2Note is the best tracker on the market; it is capable of quickly processing huge databases, which allows people to thoroughly and easily study their game and the game of their opponents and find leaks, which consequently leads to increasing EV.

I would like to give people the opportunity to use Hand2Note to its fullest and get maximum benefits from working with it. It is not as difficult as it seems.

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