Sido_Obc: «I continue to strive for higher levels of play»

Team Bas Poker
21 Mar 2024
21 Mar 2024

1. How long ago did you learn about poker, and how did you become a professional?

I first discovered poker about 14 years ago, initially playing it occasionally for fun. My journey towards becoming a professional began in earnest 8 years ago. The turning point came in July 2019, when, with substantial support from my coaches and fellow team members, I was able to significantly enhance my poker skills. This collaboration and mentoring propelled me from playing $3 spins to mastering $50 spins in under a year, marking my transition to professional status.

2. How long have you been coaching, and what motivated you to start your coaching journey?

I've been coaching since July 2020, making it over 3 years now. My motivation for starting this journey was rooted in my own experiences with improvement and success in poker, facilitated by coaching and teamwork. Realizing the immense value of structured learning and guidance, I was inspired to offer my support and knowledge to others looking to enhance their poker skills.

3. Where do you live, and what do you usually do besides poker?

Currently, I reside in Morocco, having lived a big part of my life in Ukraine. Outside of poker, my life is rich and varied. As a married father of two, family occupies a significant part of my time and focus. Beyond my family and poker, I engage in activities that enrich my personal growth and help me maintain a balanced lifestyle.

4. In your opinion, what are the three main things that people who want to grow as professional poker players should learn?

For those aiming to grow as professional poker players, I believe there are three crucial areas to focus on:
  • Mastering advanced game strategies, which goes beyond basic knowledge to include a deep understanding of the game, the ability to adapt to various situations, and read opponents effectively.
  • Developing a solid grasp of exploit understanding of the game, crucial for sustaining a long-term career in poker by making informed decisions about players and making the growth in stakes quick. 
  • Cultivating mental resilience and discipline, essential for dealing with the game's ups and downs, maintaining focus, and committing to continuous improvement.

5. What are your coaching and general poker goals?

My goals in coaching mirror my journey in poker—helping players move up the stakes by improving their game, just as I did. I aim to expand my coaching services, reaching more players and fostering a community of growth and success. As for my poker goals, I continue to strive for higher levels of play, seeking to conquer higher stakes while maintaining profitability and sharing my journey and insights with the poker community.
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