Is poker coaching worth it?

Nick Korolev
23 Jan 2024
23 Jan 2024

For every professional poker player, or anyone who aspires to become a professional, having a coach is an integral part of their career. Poker is a very competitive environment where only a small fraction of the very best players win. Just like in professional sports. Can you imagine being a professional basketball player without a coach? This is not possible in the real world. The same applies to professional poker.

How coaching can boost your poker career

1. New structured knowledge

You will gain new knowledge from coaching sessions. You may reasonably make an argument that you’d able to get that knowledge from videos or from regular conversations with pro players. Well, yes, watching videos and talking to your colleagues will certainly be useful, and you should do it too. But it cannot be a complete alternative to private training.

The coach does not just give you new knowledge, they structure the process of your learning, teach you how to filter information, and gradually apply the learned concepts in practice.

2. Acceleration of growth by limits

Working together with a coach will significantly speed up your progress through the limits. You will systematically increase the level of your skills under the guidance of a coach, outplaying your opponents.

You will have the opportunity to discuss all the controversial game situations you face and all the marginal decisions you make. This is especially actual when you have just moved to a new limit. Usually, this time is harder and you get into more non-obvious spots.

3. Personal approach and mentorship

The obvious advantage of working 1 on 1 with a coach is that you get exclusive personal support in all aspects of your development. The coach will listen to all your questions, analyze your weaknesses and draw up the most effective plan for your growth.

You will also get a mentor who will manage your development, support you during downswings, share the joy of success, and can even become a friend.

4. Mental game development

Psychology is one of the most important aspects of poker. Besides your opponents, you primarily fight with yourself. An experienced coach will help you to build a professional player mindset, make fewer mistakes, not tilt and show your best game even during losing sessions.

Considerations and Potential Drawbacks:

Understanding these points will help you to make the process of finding and interacting with a coach more efficient and productive.

1. Cost

Coaching sessions can vary in price, depending on the coach's experience, achievements, and other factors. For a better understanding of prices, see our article — How much does a poker coach cost?

2. Compatibility

Finding the right coach who aligns with your goals, learning style, and personality is crucial. Take a look at our guide: How to find the right coach?

Conclusion and Advice for you

If you're wondering if it's worth using a poker coach, the first thing you need to answer is whether you seriously want to grow as a player. If the answer is yes, then together with the coach you can significantly speed up and improve your progress towards the goal.

Remember that the efficiency of working with a coach depends not only on the instructor’s  competence but also on your commitment to the process. We recommend that you take the following steps:

1. Find a coach using intuitive filters and book your first session at To make your search smarter, check out our article on How to choose the right coach.

2. Be diligent in class and put new knowledge into practice.

3. Do not be shy to ask questions and give feedback to the coach, including critical thoughts.4. If you feel that the coach does not suit you, don’t hesitate to try a new one.

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