Laziness in Poker and Life: Transforming Inertia into Success

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10 Apr 2024
10 Apr 2024

'Laziness is the engine of progress' — a well-known expression, but not applicable to everyone.

For some of us laziness literally paralyzes, constantly making us delay the onset of desired success.

Laziness in Modern Society

In the modern era, survival no longer depends on hunting, gathering, agriculture, or animal husbandry. Instead, money has become the primary means of ensuring survival in our society.

"Money has become the primary means of ensuring survival in our society".

Money is a universal resource that can be exchanged for a vast range of goods and services.

It is a well-known fact that any lazy person loves pleasure. And pleasure can be obtained precisely through money. But what does laziness have to do with it?

Laziness in Poker

Many people, if not all, will agree that $50/hour is better than $25/hour, and certainly better than $2/hour.

Poker is a unique phenomenon because over the long run, your income directly depends on your skill.

Unlike most jobs, in poker you don't need to ask your boss for a salary raise.

All you need to do is develop your skills, deepen your understanding of the game, and play consistently. If successful, you can then tell your laziness:

"Well, now we can work for 2-3 hours a day, spend another hour learning, but for the rest of the time, my dear laziness, we will enjoy the results of our hard work!'

There is one expression that generally holds true, although there may be exceptions:

"What one person has done, another can do too".

It all depends on your desire, dedication and willpower.

Transforming Laziness into Advantages

  1. In poker, you have the opportunity to increase your income by developing the necessary skills.
  2. A significant increase in your hourly income will allow you to work less and spend more time with family, hobbies, and enjoyable leisure activities.
  3. By fully embracing multitabling, you will find it easier to level out variance with volume, resulting in a more stable income without the need to grind 250 hours a month.

So, what about you? Write in the comments below how you use your laziness to your advantage!

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