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Micro, Low

Database analysis
Live session
Group coaching
One session (60-90 minutes)
Five session bundle
NLH 6max coach for 2nl-200nl players


I mainly play 200nl-500nl on ignition/bovada. I've been playing there for several years with solid win rates.

  • This shows the majority of my results since 2018 consolidated between multiple databases.
  • Below shows $100 to $10,000 bankroll challenge completed in 2020.

Who would benefit the most from my coaching?

The people that would benefit from my coaching the most will be at stakes 5nl up to struggling 200nl players. Specifically players on ignition/bovada will also benefit the most since I have a lot of population data/stats and due to the fact I recently did a $100-$10k challenge through all the stakes, so I know my current strategy/outlook on the game will work well there.

Types of coaching:

  • In-depth database analysis

               Review database (50k+ hands preferred)

               Preflop stats (RFI/3b/BB defense/steal success rates)

                     - BB defense as function of RFI sizing

                     - 3B ranges, facing 3B (IP/OOP)

               Basic stats, WWSF/WSD/WTSD/RCE

               Cbet frequencies and success rates

                     - SRP/3BP, IP/OOP

               Folding frequencies

                     - SRP/3BP, IP/OOP

               And more additional stats

  • HH review

               Review selected HH identifying leaks in thought process/action

  • Session review (recording)

               Review a student's session identifying leaks in thought process/action

  • In-depth analysis of a game node (think SRP SB vs BB)

               Utilizes combination of population statistics and aggregation analysis

  • Piosolver coaching (basic/pro/edge)

               Basic functionality


               Runout hotness

               Node locking

               Aggregated analysis

               PIO edge, setting up preflop trees and utilizing the preflop solver

Every coaching session is recorded and a copy is provided to the student typically via a google drive along with any additional notes/recommendations or supplemental materials referenced during the session. A typical coaching session is approximately 60-90 minutes in length.

What do you get from the coaching:

          60-90 minute coaching session

          Recording of the coaching session

          Free preflop charts

          Supplemental materials (if used/referenced)

          Notes/recommendations based on the session

          Access to student-only discord

                - Network with other likeminded individuals

                - Post hand histories for discussion/review

                - Ask other poker related questions



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