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Micro, Low, Mid

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NL2-500 6max Cash Coaching

Having played poker professionally for the past 3 years and locking in excess of million hands online, I believe I hold value to students wishing to elevate their game in todays cash game NLHE environment.

My main games are on partypoker.

I also bring live poker experience having played the 5 10 20 straddle games in vegas and looking to play quite frequently.

Results from Jan 2020 - 2022

Most of my volume used to be on the partypoker 200 fastforward games under the SN "Knaxis".

With the removal of the leader boards though I moved to 500NL and focused more on grinding a win rate.


My coaching style is heavily theory oriented and mostly involves the knowledge gained from Pio Solver sims and training your intuition to play closer to optimum.

Coaching formats

  • Pre selected hand history reviews ( this is the one I recommend )
  • Database/HUD Stat analysis and filtering of fundamental issues in hands
  • Live Play Footage Reviews
  • Pio Solver exploration of a certain spot ( aka BvB SRP, SB vs BTN 3 bet Pot )
  • Live Poker HH Review
  • How to apply theory to live poker games

Please note:

  • Coachings are being held on Zoom and recordings will be sent to you within a day.
  • If you want to cancel/reschedule a booked session please do so at least 12 hours before the session.



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