Discipline Holdem
Stakes Low, Mid, High
Language EN

I have been playing poker for about 6 years. I turned pro in mid - 2020 and climbed the stakes from micros to 500NL+.

I am currently playing 500NL and 1000NL on apps, with occasional action up to 5000NL if the tables are really good.
I have been a poker coach since October 2022 with more than 40 different students.
I am offering 1-on-1 coaching to aspiring poker players who are looking to improve their game.

My coaching is focused on population exploits (MDA strategy) mixed with GTO knowledge, which is the approach I am using in my own game.
I am also offering a spot in my CFP program for people I have previously coached who I believe are a good fit and we communicate well.

Here is my graph, a mixture of 100NL and 200NL:

Most of my volume on 500nl+ is untracked because I mainly play on the apps these days, where the games seem to have the highest EV.

Who is this coaching aimed at?

Aspiring poker players who want to climb through the stakes, or just improve their game. I have worked with both professional and part-time players in the past.
I am mainly interested in coaching players who have at least some basic knowledge (ideally if you already play at 25NL or higher, but it is not a requirement). I have coached some microstakes players in the past, but usually I found it very inefficient for the student and recommended learning the basics first.
I can also offer population tendency information for higher stakes players who are looking to implement more exploitative strategies into their game.

What does my coaching look like? What is my approach as a coach?

I like to focus on the specific needs of the student. Coaching usually starts by analyzing where the player is currently at, and then focusing on spots that require the most attention. However, I can also coach the exploitative approach from scratch.
I have a library of presentations and materials for various topics that cover the majority of the game tree. Based on the specific needs of the player, we can pick any topic.
I am always available via text to answer questions from my students.

How does the coaching layout look like?

First class is always focused on getting to know each other, to find out where the student is currently at. This is usually done through a quick database review to identify the major leaks and see some hand histories to get a grasp on the student's thought process.
Future classes always revolve around specific spots in the game tree, based on the needs of the player, but the first sessions usually focus on population exploits and how to apply them in game.
After each session, the student receives written notes in the form of a PDF document with the pivotal points from the class.
The coaching layout can always be adjusted or changed in accordance with the player's specific desires or needs.

What do I offer:

  • Elite MDA coaching based on up-to-date population information, with detailed exploitative lines and principles mixed with GTO knowledge and explanations
  • How to exploit according to GTO (How does a solver exploit a specific leak)
  • Long time mentoring
  • Teach you general approach to the game and understanding of poker's "hows and whys"
  • Specific player pool exploits and adjustments for the major poker rooms
  • Specific player pool exploits for your current stakes
  • Specific adjustments and "hardcore exploits" for anonymous player pools, but also adaptations for non-anonymous player pools and how to exploit specific individuals
  • How to exploit based on simple River HUD stats
  • Database reviews, mainly revolving around River stats
  • Hand reviews / Session reviews / Live rail sessions
  • Identifying leaks in your own game and showing you why these usually happen (and how you can fix them)


How long are the coaching sessions?
  • Typically 60 minutes

Do I have to have a database of hands before we start the coaching?

  • No, you don't. If you have one we will look through your stats to know where we should start, but the strategy I will be teaching you will be very different from what most players are used to, which means your stats will likely change anyway.

Can I book a few sessions or do I have to book a bigger package?

  • You can book any amount of hours you please. I highly advise new students to first book a small amount of hours before booking larger amounts, to see if they like me as a coach and if they like my approach and style of coaching.

Does your MDA work for my stakes/pools/site?

  • Yes, it does. There are of course differences between pools and stakes, but this is covered in my MDA teaching.

I am interested in your coaching, but not 100% sure yet. Can you provide a short intro for free?

  • Definitely yes! Reach out to me via Discord and we can arrange something.

GL at the tables!

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