$200 - $500NL LIVE Hand Review w/ Alexandra and Paul

Run It Once
07 Jul 2024
Holdem Hand Review

Alexandra and Paul review $200-$500NL poker hands, focusing on strategic decision-making and GTO concepts. They discuss hand selection, bet sizing, and river play, offering insights into high-stakes cash game strategy. The session includes solver analysis and explores the challenges of playing against tough opponents.

The review emphasizes the importance of adapting strategies based on opponent tendencies, considering blocker effects, and balancing ranges in different spots.

Highlights: Mastering High-Stakes Cash Game Strategy

  • Analysis of small blind vs. big blind dynamics in 2.5x open scenarios
  • Discussion of flop betting strategies on coordinated boards
  • Exploration of turn and river decision-making in multi-street pots
  • Examination of solver outputs for various betting sizes and frequencies
  • Consideration of blocker effects and range construction in river decisions
  • Insights into playing against tough regulars in high-stakes games
  • Tips for adapting strategies based on opponent tendencies and board textures
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