5 Poker Hands Good Players Know to Never Play

Nathan  «BlackRain79»  Williams
25 Jun 2024

In this insightful video, poker expert Nathan discusses the top 5 hands that experienced players always avoid. By understanding why hands like Ace3 off suit, Jack 7 suited, and others are traps, you can save money and improve your game. Learn the strategies to fold these hands and make better decisions at the table.


  • Ace-rag hands (e.g., Ace-3 offsuit) are easily outkicked
  • Suited trash hands (e.g., Jack-7 suited) have limited straight potential
  • One-gappers (e.g., 7-5 suited) are long-term losing hands
  • King-10 offsuit is often dominated by stronger hands
  • Ace-9 offsuit is a common trap hand for amateurs

Key insights:

  • Good players fold these hands pre-flop most of the time
  • Only play these hands when stealing blinds or in specific situations
  • Weak kickers lead to difficult post-flop decisions
  • Use poker tracking software to analyze hand profitability
  • Position and opponent type are crucial factors in hand selection
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