7 Costly Mistakes Beginner Poker Players ALWAYS Do! (And How To Avoid Them)

Team Bas Poker
08 Jul 2024
Poker Basics

In this video, poker expert Beldarion outlines seven common mistakes that beginner players often make. He covers topics like small blind defense, showing cards, donk betting, button play, heads-up strategy, overplaying weak hands, and drawing odds. Beldarion provides clear explanations and examples to help viewers understand and avoid these costly errors.

Beldarion highlights the importance of proper position play, range management, and understanding pot odds. He emphasizes avoiding emotional decisions and playing a mathematically sound game.

Video Highlights: Common Beginner Poker Mistakes

  • Defending small blind too wide
  • Showing cards unnecessarily
  • Donk betting on the flop
  • Limping from the button
  • Folding too much in heads-up small blind
  • Overplaying weak pairs and top pairs
  • Calling draws against unfavorable odds
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