C-betting in Poker in 2024 (Explained!) with Spraggy

BBZ Poker
01 Jul 2024

You are doing this all wrong!! You're leaving money on the table by missing c-bets in poker. This week we're joined by Spraggy for an MTT coaching session covering missed c-bets; when the big blind defends and we have the opportunity as the preflop aggressor to c-bet the flop but don't! These add up quickly and hence; cost you $. Make sure you have the strategy down.


  • Systematic approach to C-betting on different board textures
  • Importance of betting on 10-high boards and above
  • Adjusting strategy based on stack depth (35 big blinds as a key threshold)
  • Check-raising frequencies with top pair hands
  • Impact of position on betting and check-raising decisions
  • Differences in strategy for deep stack vs. short stack play
  • Importance of fast-playing strong hands when deep-stacked
  • Analyzing betting patterns on different board textures (e.g., 8-high boards)
  • Discussion of GTO bet sizing and its impact on check-raising
  • Review of Spraggy's improvement in win rate over time

Key Insights:

  • C-bet 100% on 10-high boards and above with no straight possibilities
  • Introduce mixing strategies on 9-high boards and below
  • Check-raise more frequently with top pair when stack depth is 35 big blinds or less
  • Be cautious about trapping when deep-stacked; fast-play strong hands instead
  • Adjust check-raising strategy based on opponent's betting range and board texture
  • Consider position when deciding whether to check-raise or call with top pair
  • Understand the impact of bet sizing on opponent's range and your check-raising frequency
  • Be aware of common mistakes like missing C-bets with medium-strength hands
  • Recognize the importance of balancing your check-raising range with strong hands
  • Continuously work on improving your strategy and win rate over time
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