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Raise Your Edge
24 Jun 2024
MTT Live Session

This video showcases exclusive high-stakes poker live play, offering valuable insights into exploitative strategies and adjustments against different player types. The content is part of the master class, demonstrating how to apply theory in real-time situations. Viewers can learn about ICM considerations, range analysis, and decision-making during critical tournament stages.


  • Off-stream live play sessions provide more honest and open strategy discussions
  • Importance of adjusting against different player types
  • Balancing GTO and exploitative play
  • ICM considerations in later tournament stages
  • Significance of bounties in decision-making
  • Adapting to player tendencies and table dynamics
  • Importance of range analysis in crucial spots
  • Navigating the money bubble
  • Utilizing blockers in bluffing situations
  • Importance of sizing bets appropriately

Key Insights:

  • Off-stream sessions allow for more transparent strategy discussions
  • Later tournament stages offer higher ROI due to increased ICM pressure
  • Bounties significantly impact decision-making in tournaments
  • Balancing theory and exploitative play is crucial for success
  • Adapting to different player types and tendencies is essential
  • Understanding ICM implications helps make better decisions in crucial spots
  • Range analysis is vital for making informed decisions
  • Proper bet sizing can extract maximum value or achieve desired folds
  • Blockers play a significant role in bluffing and value betting
  • Navigating the money bubble requires careful consideration of stack sizes and ICM
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