Flopzilla Pro Tutorial (21 Features You Should Be Using)

SplitSuit Poker
24 Jun 2024

This Flopzilla Pro tutorial by James Sweeney offers an in-depth look at 21 key features of the poker analysis software. From range building and board analysis to multiplayer mode and GTO+ integration, Sweeney provides valuable insights for both beginners and advanced users, demonstrating how to leverage the tool for improved poker strategy.


  • Detailed explanation of the Flopzilla Pro user interface
  • Step-by-step guide on building and saving ranges
  • Demonstration of board analysis and equity calculations
  • Introduction to the pie chart feature for visual range representation
  • Overview of multiplayer mode for range vs. range analysis
  • Explanation of the hotness feature for turn card analysis
  • Insights on integrating Flopzilla Pro with GTO+ solver

Key Insights:

  • Flopzilla Pro allows for precise range building with weighting and suit selection options
  • The software provides instant analysis of how ranges hit different board textures
  • Users can save and load ranges for efficient future analysis
  • The pie chart feature helps visualize range strength and composition
  • Multiplayer mode enables complex range vs. range comparisons
  • The hotness feature helps predict equity shifts on future streets
  • Flopzilla Pro can be synced with GTO+ for advanced solver work
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