Galfond 01 | "Who Is This Guy?"

Phil  «OMGClayAiken»  Galfond
01 Jul 2024

What does it take to stay at the top of the poker world while navigating family life and personal hardships? Phil and Farah Galfond offer a rare behind-the-scenes look into the lives of poker’s power couple in their new poker docuseries.


  • Galfond's early success in online poker, turning $100 into millions
  • Transition from obsessive poker player to balancing family and business
  • Becoming a sought-after coach and respected poker ambassador
  • Launching Run It Once Training as a premium poker instruction site
  • Creating Run It Once Poker in response to industry concerns
  • Galfond's reputation for integrity and deep thinking about the game
  • Impact of Black Friday on the online poker industry
  • Adapting to new responsibilities and time management challenges
  • Recognition as a "first ballot Hall of Famer" in poker
  • Goal of building the best-looking and best-functioning poker site

Key Insights:

  • Galfond's natural ability to explain complex poker concepts contributed to his success as a coach
  • The poker community began looking to Galfond for guidance, especially after Black Friday
  • Run It Once Training's success came from a high-quality, premium-priced strategy
  • Galfond's transition from player to entrepreneur was driven by love for the game and industry concerns
  • The importance of transparency and player involvement in running an online poker site
  • Galfond's ability to excel in multiple poker variants and adapt to changes in the industry
  • The challenge of balancing intense focus on poker with personal relationships and family life
  • The evolution of Galfond's role from top player to industry leader and innovator
  • The impact of personal growth and life changes on Galfond's approach to poker and business
  • The ongoing goal of improving and innovating in the online poker space
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