Galfond 02 | A Bad Day

Phil  «OMGClayAiken»  Galfond
08 Jul 2024

This video recounts Phil Galfond's journey with Run It Once, from its inception to its eventual sale. It details the challenges faced in launching and running the poker site, including financial struggles, failed deals, and personal setbacks. The story highlights Galfond's resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

Galfond's experience shows the challenges of entrepreneurship in poker. Despite setbacks, his persistence led to a successful sale and renewed focus on his businesses.

Highlights: The Roller Coaster of Poker Entrepreneurship

  • Run It Once's challenging four-year development and launch
  • $300,000 monthly burn rate and $10 million personal investment
  • Failed acquisition deal after months of negotiations
  • Dealing with personal loss while managing business crisis
  • Eventual sale to Rush Street Interactive (RSI)
  • Renewed focus on Run It Once Training and US market expansion
  • Gained perspective on money and appreciation for life
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