How I Guess Their Hand Correctly 9/10 Times

Nathan  «BlackRain79»  Williams
02 Jul 2024

In this video, Nathan BlackRain79 Williams shares his top seven strategies for accurately reading opponents' hands. He covers topics such as analyzing betting patterns, recognizing physical and timing tells, understanding player types, and interpreting psychological cues. The video offers valuable insights for both amateur and experienced players looking to improve their hand-reading skills.


  • The importance of understanding player ranges
  • Recognizing when an opponent's story doesn't make sense
  • Interpreting quick actions as potential weakness
  • Identifying false bravado and excessive talking
  • Analyzing unusual bet sizing
  • Recognizing check-raises on paired flops
  • Understanding the "Hollywood raise" on the river
  • Interpreting direct eye contact in live games

Key Insights:

  • Professional players use logical reasoning to deduce opponents' hands
  • Amateur players often give away hand strength through timing and betting patterns
  • Understanding player types is crucial for accurate hand reading
  • Strong hands are often played more slowly and thoughtfully
  • Overconfident behavior frequently indicates weakness
  • Unusual bet sizing can reveal hand strength
  • Check-raises from recreational players are often bluffs
  • Physical tells in live games can provide valuable information
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