How I Solved the Game of Poker (Just Do This!)

Nathan  «BlackRain79»  Williams
09 Jul 2024

In this vlog, Nathan reflects on his WSOP2024 Main Event experience, sharing important lessons learned about live poker tournaments. He discusses the importance of tournament structure, dealing with variance, and maintaining discipline. Nathan also recounts his journey in the Main Event, including key hands and his eventual elimination.

Nathan emphasizes the importance of tournament structure, scheduling, and discipline in live poker. He highlights the value of post-flop play in deep-stacked events.

Highlights: Poker Pro's WSOP2024 Takeaways

  • Importance of disciplined scheduling for live poker trips
  • Value of tournaments with good structures (40+ minute blind levels)
  • Recognizing and dealing with high variance in MTTs
  • Advantage of post-flop play in deep-stacked tournaments
  • Reflection on key hands from the WSOP Main Event
  • Importance of maintaining a positive mindset despite setbacks
  • Consideration of future tournament options after busting
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