How to Use a Solver to Crush Low Stakes Poker

Hungry Horse Poker
26 Jun 2024

Marc Goone from Hungry Horse Poker demonstrates how to use poker solvers, particularly Pio Solver, to develop exploitative strategies against live players. He covers node locking techniques, range betting, and street-by-street analysis to maximize profits. Marc emphasizes adjusting solver outputs based on opponents' tendencies rather than relying solely on GTO play.


  • Using Pio Solver for customizable poker analysis
  • Node locking opponent responses on each street
  • Adjusting solver outputs for live player tendencies
  • Exploiting opponent mistakes with range betting
  • Analyzing turn and river sizing based on board texture
  • Balancing value bets and bluffs in different scenarios
  • Importance of understanding opponent tendencies
  • Adapting solver strategies to maximize profits in live games

Key Insights:

  • GTO play is defensive; exploitative play can be more profitable against weak opponents
  • Node locking allows for customized solver solutions based on opponent tendencies
  • Range betting on the flop can be more profitable than mixed strategies in some situations
  • Turn and river sizing should be adjusted based on board texture and opponent tendencies
  • Balancing value bets and bluffs is crucial for maximizing profits
  • Solver outputs should be adapted to real-world play rather than followed blindly
  • Understanding opponent tendencies is key to successful exploitation
  • Continuous adjustment of strategies based on player pool tendencies is essential for long-term success
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