How would YOU play these poker hands? with GTOWizard

GTO Wizard
09 Jul 2024

In this video, Paul from FNC Poker uses GTO Wizard AI to examine four specific poker hands at the turn. He asks viewers to consider their play choices before revealing the solver's solutions. Paul compares his initial thoughts with the AI's recommendations, providing insights into optimal decision-making and range construction in various scenarios.

The video highlights the importance of using solvers to improve poker strategy, revealing optimal plays that may differ from intuitive choices in specific situations.

Highlights: Solver vs. Intuition

  • Pocket Tens: Solver recommends pure jam, confirming initial thoughts
  • Seven-Six of Hearts: Calling strongly preferred over jamming
  • King-Queen of Spades: Pure fold, aligning with initial assessment
  • Queens with diamond and heart: Surprising pure fold recommendation
  • Discussion of EV differences between actions for each hand
  • Emphasis on considering blockers and opponent tendencies
  • Importance of position and future street play in decision-making
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