Off the Beaten (GTO) Path - High-Stakes Prospectin ($40kNL Exploitative Plays)

Guerrilla Poker
27 Jun 2024
Hand Review

In this week's video, Uri takes a look at some examples of well-known high-stakes pros making deviations from GTO. GTO isn't always the best play, but are these big moves solid exploitative tactics, or are they just punts? Tune in to see Uri break it down.


  • Deviating from GTO can be justified in certain situations for exploitative purposes. 
  • Understanding opponent ranges and game flow is crucial in making non-standard plays. 
  • Check-raising with blockers and deceptive plays can disrupt opponent strategies. 
  • Recognizing when to deviate from standard strategies based on specific reads and dynamics. 
  • Even top players make deviations from GTO strategies, highlighting the complexity of poker decision-making. 

Key Insights

  • Making exploitative plays requires a deep understanding of opponent tendencies and game dynamics to maximize profitability. 
  • Non-GTO plays can be effective if based on accurate reads and adjustments to opponent strategies. 
  • Deceptive plays, such as check-raise bluffs with blockers, can create confusion and exploit opponent weaknesses. 
  • Balancing between standard GTO strategies and exploitative plays is key to staying unpredictable and profitable in high-stakes poker. 
  • Adapting to specific game flow and opponent behavior can lead to profitable deviations from traditional poker theory. 
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