Poker Mastery - Stop Knowing Start Doing | Smart Poker Study Podcast #496

05 Jul 2024

In this podcast episode, Sky Matsuhashi addresses the common issue of knowing what to do but failing to act on it, both in poker and life. He emphasizes the importance of taking action rather than just acknowledging what needs to be done, encouraging listeners to overcome inaction and develop better habits to improve their poker game and overall performance.

Matsuhashi stresses the importance of action over knowledge in poker improvement. He urges listeners to stop making excuses and start implementing strategies they know will benefit their game.

Poker Progress Highlights:

  • Overcoming the "I know" mentality
  • Importance of taking action in poker and life
  • Identifying and eliminating excuses for inaction
  • Developing better habits for consistent improvement
  • Implementing known strategies to move the needle in poker
  • Mastering self-control and discipline in decision-making
  • Recognizing the value of doing over knowing
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