Strategy You Need Blind vs Blind in 2024 (Explained)

BBZ Poker
30 Jun 2024

Lex Veldhuis breaks down essential blind vs blind poker strategy for 2024, focusing on preflop and flop play. He covers c-bet defense, range analysis, and equity realization across various board textures. The video emphasizes systematic thinking, GTO principles, and exploitative adjustments for optimal play in this common scenario.


  • Importance of understanding bet sizing and pot odds in blind vs blind situations
  • Systematic approach to analyzing range advantages on different board textures
  • Identifying when opponents are c-betting inappropriately and how to exploit it
  • Emphasis on defending wide ranges in blind vs blind scenarios
  • Explanation of back door flush draw and straight draw considerations
  • Discussion of high card vs. low card flop dynamics in c-bet defense
  • Tips for quickly identifying folds and continues based on board texture
  • Exploration of raise frequencies against c-bets on various board types
  • Analysis of solver outputs and their practical application in-game
  • Importance of understanding both GTO and exploitative adjustments in blind vs blind play

Key insights:

  • Players should defend wide ranges in blind vs blind situations, often continuing with 75% or more of their hands against c-bets
  • Low board textures often warrant even wider defense ranges due to range advantages for the big blind
  • Understanding bet sizing and pot odds is crucial for determining correct defense frequencies
  • Players should focus on identifying folds rather than continues, as it's more efficient for range construction
  • Back door flush draws and straight draws significantly increase a hand's playability postflop
  • High card flops typically warrant slightly higher folding frequencies compared to low board textures
  • Raising frequencies against c-bets can be very high on certain board types, especially when opponents are betting inappropriately
  • Solver outputs often reveal counterintuitive plays that require practice to implement effectively
  • Balancing GTO principles with exploitative adjustments is key for maximizing win rate in blind vs blind scenarios
  • Consistent practice and study of various board textures is essential for developing strong blind vs blind play


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