The Art of BvB Limping - $1kNL Liveplay

Guerrilla Poker
29 Jun 2024
Live Session

In this live session, Uri from Gila Poker explores the nuances of BvB limping and strategic play at $1kNL stakes. He analyzes hand dynamics, discusses range construction, and offers insights on bet sizing, check-raising, and multi-way pot strategies while playing multiple tables simultaneously.


  • Introduction to BvB limping strategy
  • Analysis of player tendencies and note-taking
  • Discussion on range construction in limped pots
  • Examination of bet sizing and its implications
  • Exploration of check-raising dynamics
  • Insights on playing multi-way pots
  • Importance of timing tells in decision-making
  • Consideration of board textures in hand analysis
  • Explanation of bluffing opportunities and frequencies
  • Commentary on opponent's play and potential improvements

Key insights:

  • BvB limping creates unfamiliar game trees and ranges
  • Importance of understanding concepts rather than memorization
  • Combo counting in limped pots can reveal opponent tendencies
  • Timing tells provide valuable information for decision-making
  • Adapting strategies based on board textures and pot dynamics
  • Consideration of SPR (stack-to-pot ratio) in limped pots
  • Balancing value bets and bluffs in various situations
  • Adjusting play in multi-way pots, including tighter check-raise ranges
  • Importance of note-taking and using past information in future hands
  • Critical analysis of opponent's play to identify potential leaks
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