Train to Make More River Continuation Bets

03 Jul 2024

This video focuses on improving river continuation betting in poker. Sky from Smart Poker Study guides viewers through using Poker Tracker 4 to analyze their betting patterns and find missed opportunities for value bets and bluffs. He provides strategies for identifying profitable c-betting situations and offers practical examples to enhance decision-making on the river.

Learn to analyze betting patterns, identify missed c-bet opportunities, and improve river betting strategy. Use database filters to review hands and enhance decision-making.

Highlights: River C-Betting Mastery

  • Analyze betting frequency across streets (flop, turn, river)
  • Use Poker Tracker 4 filters to find missed value and bluff opportunities
  • Consider opponent's range when deciding to value bet or bluff
  • Practice identifying hands that can call (value) or fold (bluff) on the river
  • Review hand examples to understand bet sizing and range analysis
  • Implement training sessions to improve river c-betting skills
  • Balance value betting and bluffing for optimal river play
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