Using Flopzilla Pro To STUDY Your Poker Hands

SplitSuit Poker
25 Jun 2024

In this comprehensive guide, poker expert James Sweeney walks through the process of using Flopzilla Pro to analyze poker hands. He covers range assignment, board texture analysis, and exploring different betting options. Sweeney also touches on integrating GTO+ solver for advanced study, offering valuable insights for poker players looking to improve their game.


  • Flopzilla Pro is a powerful tool for off-table poker hand analysis
  • The software allows for detailed range assignment and board texture exploration
  • Users can analyze different betting options and their profitability
  • Color-coding in Flopzilla Pro helps visualize opponent's likely actions
  • Integration with GTO+ solver enables deeper strategic analysis

Key insights:

  • Thorough hand analysis can uncover creative and profitable plays
  • Exploring multiple options, including different bet sizes, is crucial for improvement
  • Understanding how ranges interact with board textures is essential for strategic decision-making
  • Off-table study time using software tools can significantly enhance in-game performance
  • Combining multiple tools like Flopzilla Pro and GTO+ solver can provide more comprehensive analysis
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