What is Expected Value in Poker?

GTO Wizard
05 Jul 2024
Poker Basics

This video breaks down the concept of Expected Value (EV) in poker, explaining its importance for maximizing long-term profits. Tombos21 covers EV calculation methods, provides examples from various poker scenarios, and introduces advanced concepts like Independent Chip Model (ICM), implied odds, and decomposition.

EV measures long-term value of poker decisions. It's calculated by summing all possible outcomes multiplied by their probabilities. Maximizing EV maximizes profit.

Highlights: Mastering Expected Value in Poker

  • Definition and importance of Expected Value (EV) in poker
  • Step-by-step EV calculation methods with examples
  • Application of EV in different poker scenarios (cash games, tournaments)
  • Introduction to Independent Chip Model (ICM) for tournament play
  • Explanation of implied odds for drawing hands
  • Decomposition technique for understanding hand incentives
  • Practical quiz to test understanding of EV concepts
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