When Keepin it Real Goes Wrong - Lessons from a Failed Bluffer (200z Liveplay)

Guerrilla Poker
07 Jul 2024
Live Session

In this live poker session, Uri from Gorilla Poker plays 200z while providing in-depth analysis of his decision-making process. He discusses hand ranges, betting patterns, and player tendencies, offering valuable insights into live poker strategy. The video highlights the importance of adapting to opponents and learning from bluffing outcomes.

Uri emphasizes the importance of gathering information from opponents' betting patterns and using it to make informed decisions in future hands.

Highlights: Learning from Live Play

  • Analysis of opponent's betting patterns and sizes
  • Discussion on range-based decision making
  • Importance of adapting to different player types
  • Insights on bluffing strategies and timing
  • Multi-table management techniques
  • Explanation of position-based play adjustments
  • Reflection on learning from unsuccessful bluffs
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