When to Turn Bluff Catchers Into Bluffs (Simple Guide)

Hungry Horse Poker
02 Jul 2024

Want to know when it's more profitable to Raise with a bluff catcher rather than call on a river? Marc Goone from Hungry Horse Poker breaks down how once we answer "yes" to one question, we can profitably turn our bluff catchers into bluffs (Plus - what sizing we should use!).

Bluff-raise when opponents bet thinly on the river. Against polarized ranges, stick to calling. Adjust sizing based on opponent's range - big bluffs vs thin value.

Highlights: River Bluffing Strategy

  • Bluff-raise against thin value ranges, not polarized ranges
  • Consider opponent's betting patterns and board texture
  • Use larger sizes for bluffs against thin value bets
  • Small bluffs and big value bets against polarized ranges
  • Factor in opponent tendencies and stack depths
  • Evaluate showdown value before turning hands into bluffs
  • Use blockers cautiously - they're often less relevant than perceived
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