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02 Apr 2024
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02 Apr 2024

Let's see what you get from this elite course authored by Benjamin Rolle, founder of the Raise Your Edge website.

Tournament Poker Masterclass By BenCB 

Since we are big fans of Benjamin 'bencb' Rolles’ Raise Your Edge courses, today we'd like to bring his most famous course back to your attention. 

Tournament Masterclass is the first large-scale MTT course from Raise Your Edge, which is still one of the most popular courses for online players (not cash). If you are still in doubt, now you have a great opportunity to get a discount from our training site.

This is his first course, which was out back in 2017 — but it's not outdated one bit. It features new videos regularly and the ranges are updated with new solver recommendations, field trends, etc.

Masterclass Poker Review

At one time recognizable poker editor Barry Carter completed this course, and here's what he wrote in his review of RYE's masterclass:

«Before delving into the merits of the Raise Your Edge course, it's essential to offer a word of caution to potential purchasers: this program isn't tailored for beginners. It demands a solid grasp of fundamental concepts and some prior experience before diving into the Raise Your Edge curriculum.

In identifying the target audience for the Raise Your Edge course, it's fair to say it's best suited for intermediate to advanced users, specifically those operating at a near-zero or low-plus level. These individuals typically engage in multitabling with four or more poker tables, employ tracking software, and possess a basic understanding of concepts like Independent Chip Model (ICM) and solver principles.

While this description may seem broad, it's indicative of the level of proficiency required to fully benefit from the course. Raise Your Edge has the potential to elevate an average poker player to extraordinary heights, but it's unlikely to bridge the gap for those just starting out in the poker world.

As for the question of whether Raise Your Edge justifies its cost, the answer is a resounding YES, provided you're committed to fully engaging with the content. Just passive consumption of the video package won't cut it — you must diligently complete all of Ben's assignments. This entails not only watching the videos but also tackling the tests and homework, meticulously studying the prescribed ranges, staying abreast of material updates, and actively participating in the dedicated Discord channel. It's through this comprehensive approach that the true value of Raise Your Edge can be realized».

Is the Tournament Poker Master Class worth its money? 

As part of the Tournament Masterclass, you get a whole ton of lessons and useful information from Raise Your Edge. There are over 50 hours of content in the course, and this base is constantly being added to. Right now, visitors of our site have the following database available:

  • Structured content: Acquire knowledge of every game stage in the most effective order for comprehensive understanding.
  • Ranges from bencb: over 250 actual ranges personally from the founder of Raise Your Edge.
  • Preflop play pattern: get your preflop in order first to avoid many expensive mistakes postflop.
  • Postflop playbook: useful lines for postflop in a structured way.
  • ICM: master the most important tweaks in tournament poker strategy.
  • Analyzing the field: while GTO is important, it’s equally important to know how to exploit the mental game. It is this knowledge that will take you to the higher limits.
  • Expensive MTT breakdowns: Ben's success in the toughest fields — and he's not holding anything back from you.
  • Discord channel: watch and cheer on other Raise Your Edge students and consult with RYE coaches directly.

The Tournament Poker Masterclass is one of the most structured and comprehensive courses on the market. After taking it, you'll have an incredibly powerful foundation for successful play at all available limits.

Free MTT videos by bencb

If you're not prepared to invest in the tournament masterclass at this time, take advantage of the complimentary videos below. In these videos, Benjamin Rolle provides in-depth insights into strategies for succeeding in online tournaments:

After this we also recommend you to watch a Youtube video on how Daniel Negreanu teaches poker. By the way, six-time World Series of Poker champion.

Words from BenCB

Now let’s quote what the author personally think about Poker Tournament Masterclass with Raise Your Edge:

«You have decided to dedicate your life to poker and want to put in the necessary effort to beat all limits up to the highest? Then I truly believe that the Tournament Master Class Poker is the best way forward and I would be honored to be your coach!

I am known by the nickname bencb789 and have been studying poker as a game and as an art for 6 years now. My online winnings are in the millions of dollars, and YES — I still keep playing! But beyond my passion for poker, I also love to learn and improve my level of the game. That’s why I created this poker master class for all players.

I want my students to multiply their investment many times over. So if you already know the basics of poker strategy and theory, I'll teach you the rest so you can start making at least a four-figure (in $) side income from poker as early as possible, and then eventually dominate at the highest limits. I have no secrets from you, and I am constantly updating my course. That said, all materials will be available to you after a one-time payment».

It's worth it!

Starting from humble beginnings in low-limit SNGs and persevering through rigorous grinds to high-stakes tournaments with six-figure buy-ins, Benjamin 'bencb' Rolle has made an astounding journey to the summit of the poker world. Upgrading his extensive experience and expertise, Rolle established his coaching platform, Raise Your Edge. Today, he offers advanced poker courses designed to elevate players of all skill levels to unprecedented levels of success.

Whether you're looking to become a tournament pro in general or get a 'specialty' in the very popular knockout tournaments, just to boost your motivation or start a separate career in live tournament poker, you're sure to find something for you. 

Take advantage of exclusive RYE course discounts unavailable elsewhere, allowing you to significantly reduce costs on top-tier poker training and elevate your skills to new heights at unbeatable rates. For tournament players, this is undeniably one of the most advantageous offers available in 2024. Don't miss out — seize the opportunity today! Also if you're just picking tournament poker coach, read our newest article on this topic. GL!


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