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16 Apr 2024
Holdem Coaching
16 Apr 2024

Many people imagine online poker as follows: playing from home, flexible schedule, loads of money. But in reality, it's a lot of hard work that requires constant training and skill building. For beginners who want to learn how to win multi-table poker tournaments, it's important to understand where to find an MTT poker coach.

Even if you already have the playing skills, a good coach will be very much to the point. Such a professional will be able to analyze the weaknesses of your game and explain what mistakes lead to losses. From this article you will learn how to choose the right coach for online tournament poker and where it is better to start.

Why poker players need a coach

Beginners are often sure that they can win by luck, so they don't think about where to find a tournament poker coach. But those players who rely not only on luck but also on knowledge win. At least you should be able to distinguish between poker combinations:

  • A flush is five cards of the same suit;
  • A straight is five cards of the same suit in order of precedence;
  • A flush royal is the strongest poker combination, where suited cards are in order from a ten to an ace.

Memorizing how the combinations relate to each other in terms of strength is the place to start for a poker beginner. And the coach will help to understand the nuances, develop logic, learn to assess situations and draw the right conclusions. Not only from losses, but also from victories. After all, you can always become better with the help of a professional.

In professional poker it’s very important to play without emotion.

He easily makes bets on the basis of analysis and information received, not in haste. And, of course, use bluffs as an important element of poker strategy. Of course, we mentioned just a little part of the importance of a qualified poker coaching MTT.

Basic rules for choosing a coach

Finding a good coach is not easy. When choosing one, you should pay attention to the following:

  1. How long he has been playing poker;
  2. His experience as a professional coach;
  3. What types of poker he specializes in;
  4. The prize money he has earned and other poker achievements;
  5. Graphs of the coach's own and his students' results;
  6. What is included in the training sessions and who they are designed for;
  7. Testimonials from players who have been trained by him;
  8. Pricing per hour or lesson.

Cash games or tournaments — which format is more promising in 2024?

How do you get on the best path for yourself? Perhaps this section will help you to make a final choice — cash or MTT?

Most successful players are true masters of their craft only in one of the directions / disciplines of poker. In others they do not have special skills.

At the same time, it is not easy for such people to admit their incompetence, and this is their main mistake.

Professional poker grinders are well aware that tournaments and cash are completely different directions. And while in a tournament even a minimal mistake leads to unfortunate consequences, cash games have more loyal requirements and rules. For example, unlike tournaments, there are no bankroll limits, and even if there exist, they are not so strict.

Becoming a participant of a tournament, a player should realize that every decision he makes will bring results throughout the game.

Many players who participate in tournaments with great enthusiasm play with a large stack — only after that they feel more confident. If such a person does not feel strong enough to play with a medium stack, then they need to keep their positions so that they can leave the tournament early and try to maintain a strong stack.

Naturally, it would be great if such a player learned to hold positions in all odds. However, it is not always possible, so it is necessary to be able to «bluff», make unexpected moves that may seem wrong to the opponent.

This category of players mainly includes groups that win tournaments. But in cash they are «out of luck».

Why? It is easy to explain — because this strategy does not work there. And here, of course, does not mean that they are «lucky» and win tournaments only due to random coincidences. After all, winning a big stack and outperforming your opponents is not an easy task, which requires a certain set of skills and abilities. But these skills of such even professional poker players are often limited — they must be used at the very beginning of the game, but may bring disadvantage later.

Poker players who consistently play at a high level in any situation and in different disciplines have a great temperament. Because of this, tournaments are more suitable for them. More one-sided players more often choose cash games, because it is not so much skill as patience that is involved here.

It is obvious that in tournaments they are not that sucessful due to the fact that assets here have certain limits, while in cash you can patiently wait for a favorable moment as long as you want. In tournaments, sometimes you have to make the most desperate moves, because a long wait will lead to the fact that all the chips will run out.

Some temperamental and impatient players engraft exclusively at tournaments.

And not only because they can not do without tilt for a long time — they simply do not even notice the insignificance of their stack and the impossibility to replenish it. In cash games, such individuals will persistently invest more and more money. Nevertheless, every tilt-unstable player has the opportunity to show self-control and stamina in some tournament situations.

When the minimum number of players remains, it becomes clear that you can't succeed without patience. But in cash such situations practically do not occur.

There are two useful skills for tournament play:

  1. Playing with a big stack;
  2. Moving chips.

These abilities are the keys to a successful game. In cash games, you can't rely on these skills unless you want to lose. To be honest, success in poker depends on a variety of skills and situations. And what you can successfully apply in some circumstances, can never be used in others.

We talk about the huge difference between cash & MTT. Imagine you could trim your beard with garden shears? And why you should do it, if you have a pair of scissors from the barbershop. Respectively, not all tournament strategies and techniques will work for cash, and vice versa.

Where to find a tournament poker coach?

Finding a good coach can be a challenge. If you don't know where to start, start with poker forums. For example, Tournament Poker Edge or Getcoach platform has a separate section where they offer such services.

Read the reviews of people who have already had time to train with a coach, and find out how much their results have improved.

Poker Coaching MTT with Getcoach

MTT is the versatile and most lucrative type of poker. Even in a $5 or $10 tournament, you can win several thousand dollars by taking one of the first places. For example, winning the WSOP Main Event you'll get a gold bracelet and over $10 million prize! Want to become a tournament champion? We'll help you realize your full potential!

Personal training implies an individual approach not only to each student, but also to the course plan. Nevertheless, its main points can be emphasized:

  • Selection of poker rooms and optimal schedule of tournaments. Coach deals with this even before the start of classes. Depending on your time, poker skills and experience, you will get recommendations on the best tournament poker: MTT, SnG, MTSnG.
  • Regular live sessions between the coach and the student. They start from the first lesson, when your game is fully analyzed, the first weaknesses and strengths in the student's game are revealed.
  • Working with Holdem Manager 3. Our coaches teach HM3 on a professional level. Not all players use this program and that means you'll have a huge advantage over your opponents!
  • Regular hand analysis. This continues at every subsequent lesson. Not only the student's mistakes are analyzed, but also those of his opponents. This is necessary to eliminate your mistakes and to use your opponents' mistakes against them, which will allow you to win more chips. After each lesson, homework is given (depending on a chosen coach).
  • Eliminating most often poker leaks. During the first month of play all your typical mistakes will be eliminated. Thanks to this you will feel much more confident at the limits you play.
  • In-depth consideration of the details of the game. We'll provide a professional look at the details on early, mid and late tournament play. The game at the final table is considered separately. Our goal is your competent play at each stage of the online event.
  • Study of additional software. You will learn and master not only the basic programs: SnGWizard (the best push-fold simulator) and PokerStove (poker calculator), but also more in-depth tools: Cardrunners EV (calculate expectation in any hand and learn to make the right decisions in every situation), HoldemResources Calculator (analytical and educational tool for fans of Texas Hold'em tournaments, especially useful in the late stage of the game), and so on.
  • Psychological aspects of tournament poker. You will learn how to properly prepare for a tournament session, how to maximize your concentration, not to fall into tilt, etc.

As a result, you will get a full set of tools that are necessary for a successful game of tournament poker online. Want to learn the full program of individual training and personally see the advantage of our course? Then sign up for a free session, where you will not only learn the full program of the course, but also get to know the coach. Also we have courses not only for MTT, but if you want to be a cash game player.

Why our experts are the best choice

If you want to play poker online and learn how to win in tournaments, come to the Getcoach team. With us you will get:

  1. Quality training from the best MTT coaches. There are more than 20 of them in the team and some of them have earned millions of dollars in poker. They will help players of any level to improve their skills.
  2. Group and individual training. You will learn how to make the best decisions in different situations, choose the right bet size, read your opponents' hands and understand when to bluff or not. 
  3. Full access to materials. It may include masterclass, webinars and training sessions on a wide range of poker topics, including MTT. From simple ones for beginners to advanced concepts that professionals use in the game.
  4. Breakdown of sessions and help in finding mistakes. This will help you develop a winning strategy and earn more money.

You shouldn't waste your time on play money, if you’re going to get serious about learning poker. Working as a team will help you become a successful player much faster. Many of those who joined the Getcoach foundation as an amateur ended up playing poker professionally and are now making real money on poker. 

Apply for the Getcoach feedback form here

FAQs on Poker Coaching MTT topic

How do I sign up for mentored training?

First, you need to become a member of the Getcoach team. To do this, go to the website and then fill out the application form. Provide your details, e-mail address, tell us about yourself, your attitude to poker and your experience. Be sure to list your nicknames in poker rooms. Getcoach staff will review your application and notify you of the decision at the e-mail address provided.

Do coaches accept players with no experience?

You can get into online poker training only if you already have some experience. There is also a separate group for beginners, where mentors will help them to get rid of the most obvious mistakes and adapt to the team.

What is the duration of training?

Tournament poker coaches will work with you due to the agreed contract. Even after a couple years of playing at a professional level, you can discover new things and learn poker strategy or some details of Texas Hold'em from your teammates and mentors. But learning from an MTT coach always goes hand in hand with playing in poker rooms.

How long will it take to see results?

It depends on the starting level of knowledge and skills of the student, as well as his predisposition to learning. The MTT poker trainers at Getcoach have a financial interest in seeing players grow quickly in terms of limits and earn as much as possible. Usually it takes anywhere from 3 months of training with a coach to reach $1,000 or more per month. Many poker players, after gaining experience, earn multiple times more.

Is it possible to combine studying with work?

We don't welcome it, as it takes a lot of time to learn poker and play the necessary distance. But sometimes we make an exception. When filling out the application form, please indicate that you have a main job. The final decision will be made in a personal conversation. Many players who joined Getcoach eventually quit their regular jobs and devote all their time to poker. The reason is obvious — the MTT winnings are higher than the fixed salary.

Who is on the coaching staff?

There are over 30 coaches in Getcoach team. You can find information about them on our poker training site.

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