Dean «impeccab1e» Gilbert: «There's still so much to learn which excites me»

Dean  «impeccab1e»  Gilbert
22 Mar 2024
MTT Interview
22 Mar 2024

MTT poker player and coach Dean «impeccab1e» Gilbert answers 5 basic questions from Getcoach about his poker career, coaching goals and regular life. 

1. How long ago did you learn about poker and how did you become a professional?

I have been a pro for about 11 years, 6m cash for the first 3-4 years or so and then moved to mtts when i have the chance to join Bitb. I was making enough money during my time at uni, when I graduated I continued playing and i'm still here today.

2. How long have you been coaching and what motivated you to start your coaching journey?

I have been doing private coaching within a stable for a year or so and really enjoyed helping players improve, so I wanted to branch out publicly and i have loved it so far, connecting with players all over the world with different backgrounds and poker experience. It also helps me understand how different players think, which has helped my own game.

3. Where do you live and what do you usually do besides poker?

I live in England, outside of poker I love to cook. Doing something with my hands when I'm on the PC a lot of the day is a great way to unwind. I’m a huge football fan and I watch as much as possible when i'm not on the tables. I enjoy mountain biking too, although I am new to this, so i'm trying to get better, which is fun but can be tough.

4. In your opinion, what are 3 main things that people who want to grow as professional poker players should learn?

  • PKOs are a massive part of MTT schedules these days so it is very important to be as good as possible and know where to make adjustments from non PKO games. Things like, when to call off very wide and when to be tight. Limping is also a huge part of PKOs which you don't see that many players do. Would say PKO study is very important in 2024.
  • ICM is the another one, this is where all the money is so having a good grasp of ICM and when and how to adjust. ICM kicks in a lot earlier in tournaments than many realise and it's not just for final tables and bubbles.
  • Population tendencies are also crucial in MTT where there's a huge player pool and a diverse skill range, big win rates come from exploiting players so having a grasp on what mistakes are being made will help players build stacks and run deep.

5. What are your coaching and general poker goals?

I'd love to have a group of players that I have helped move up through the levels, turning some aspiring recreationals into successful professionals with long careers or pro who need a little guidance to achieve their goals. 
As for myself, getting better everyday there's still so much to learn which excites me as I'm always trying to push harder. A Sunday Million win would also be nice :D 

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