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Micro, Low

Database analysis
Live session
Group coaching
Individual session
LIVE video review
Group Coaching (up to 4 people)
Indepth - Database Review
5 sessions + 30m extra + preflop charts
10 sessions + 1h extra
Structurred, well-planned, personal, enjoyable

Hey, my name is Tonio, and I’ve been playing poker professionally for around 10 years. After three years of playing, my coach at the time asked me if I wanted to join his coaching team. That’s where the journey started regarding poker coaching.
I’ve had several coaches in the past, and I always felt I also wanted to do coaching, aside from playing poker itself. So here I am.

For the past few years, I've been running the coaching business by myself. I’m already a known poker coach on 2+2. I can describe myself as someone who takes a personal approach and really wants to make sure that the student is happy with what he receives. Due to that vision, I’ve had great feedback.

My coaching offer

1. An in-depth database review

- A 1,5h-2h (2h+ work for me) recorded video’s (about four to six video’s) where I go over your mayor leaks.

- Well-structured documentation with all the general leaks that I’ve found

– Homework

A sample of it via my YouTube channel

2. Individual/single lesson

There are a lot of different kinds of poker formats. The most common would be a hand review session.

Other formats, including:

– Solver work (PioSolver, etc.); the WHY; theory

– Player analysis– Exploitative play(s)

– Studying

– Preparing session and post-session, note-taking

– Review a LIVE session, and I will make a recorded review for you to watch.

– Flopzilla work; range analysis

– Q&A sessions about a specific topic

3. Multi package Nr. 1 (5 hours + 30 mins extra)

- BONUS: 30m extra- An indepth-database review

- Three hours and 30 minutes of 1-on-1 coaching sessions of choice

- Preflop charts for MICRO and LOW stakes players

4. Multi package Nr. 2 (5 hours + 30 mins extra)

– BONUS: 30m extra coaching

– Five hours and 30 minutes of 1-on-1 coaching sessions of choice

– Preflop charts for MICRO and LOW stakes players

5. Multi-package Nr. 3 (10 hours + 1 hour extra)

– BONUS: one hour extra 

– Eleven 1-1 coaching sessions of choice

(– Indepth-database review is two hours; I would ALWAYS recommend this)

– Preflop charts for MICRO and LOW stakes players!

– Self-made preflop charts aimed at playing your best preflop against four different kinds of opponents: the regular, the nit, the weak fish, and the whale/volatile

– FREE: join me while I play a LIVE session. I may invite you now and then to join me playing live and ask questions. I’ll also record this for you. This is for long-term students exclusively.

All in all, I would say the best coaching session to start with is a database review. I’ve had great feedback doing that format, and I think that is where my strength is. Just like the personal approach I provide.
You can see reviews on my 2+2 thread.

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