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Yes, private sessions with a coach is one of the fastest ways to reach the next level in your poker career (as in any other professional sport). Check our article that describes in detail the benefits of poker coaching, as well as possible drawbacks that you should pay attention to.

Start with filtering all coaches by your discipline, stakes, price (within your budget), and language. After that you’ll have a list of potentially suitable coaches for you. Check the profiles of these coaches for extra information, there is a lot to look out for there. First of all, you’ll see the coach's offer description and the types of training they provide. You can also check their results, social accounts, content samples, reviews, latest activity and more. All this information together will give you an approximate understanding of which coach is best for you. Also don’t forget about the option to try a few different coaches - several points of view can be beneficial for your development as a professional player.

On average, poker coaches charge between $50 and $300 per hour for their sessions. However, on Getcoach you can find trainers both cheaper and more expensive than the specified interval. We recommend that you use the price filter so you can easily see only the coaching offers within your budget. You can also read our article which explains in more detail what factors influence coaching prices.

Sessions with a professional coach can be a breakthrough point in your poker career. But keep in mind that the final result depends primarily on you. Define your goals and share them with your coach, then stay motivated and diligent in your training and all your goals will come true!

Click the “Book a session” button in the selected coach’s page and follow the intuitive steps:

  1. Choose a type of training (if your coach has a few).

  2. Specify your preferred day and time for the session.

  3. Choose the desired payment method and make a payment.

First of all, define your goals so that you can clearly tell your coach what you expect to get out of the training. Also, get ready to briefly talk about your poker experience - remember in advance all the stages that you have already gone through, what your results are, and so on. If you have specific questions about your game, that’s great, write them down so you don’t forget to ask them all during the training session.

The most important thing is to set yourself up for productive learning - turn off notifications on your phone during the class and get rid of other distractions as much as possible.