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Mid, High

1-hour session
‍Monthly mentorship
Productivity, motivation, mindset coaching

Hey, my name is Nick, I’m a former cash games professional player and founder.

After grinding for a living for a few years, I started to concentrate more on Hand2Note and other projects in the poker market.In Hand2Note I started as a technical support operator, then I also wrote an official help page. Now I’m a sales manager, responsible for promoting the software, working with all our current partners and settling new deals.

I'm also a founder of a few other projects:

Besides professional growth, I also maintain a model's physical shape 365 days a year, have a perfect relationship. I've lived in 8 coutnries including Thailand, Italy and Portugal. Now I’m settled in Dubai, UAE. Follow me on Instagram.

What I offer

I’ll help you to build a new mindset and transform yourself into a machine of achieving goals. Being productive, motivated, organized, and consistently moving forward in every direction you are interested in.There are some possible situations/requests you might have:

  • You don’t have time/motivation
  • You want to diversify your income
  • You fail to play enough hours
  • You don’t study enough
  • You feel hard to balance between poker and life/business/work
  • You want to progress faster
  • You feel stressed all the time
  • Uncertain period (switching from a regular job to poker, from poker to business, etc.)
  • And other

I'll help you to extract maximum EV from your potential, and also, just as importantly, do not feel stressed and enjoy every step of your growth.


There are two options:

One-time 1-hour session ($400). A good option if you just want to get a quick boost. We’ll go through all your questions, make some quick improvements right away and build a plan for the future. There is an option to pay an extra $600 after the session if you like to upgrade to a monthly mentorship.

Monthly mentorship ($1000). Includes 3 sessions every 10 days and full support within a month. We work as a team to achieve as much progress as possible. Pick this option if you’re ready for the most efficient and productive month in your career.

Do not think like “I’ll get that later where I have fewer things to do, to fully dig into that …” - that “comfortable time” will never come. Start it right now, you’ll be surprised that you have time for everything if you really want it.



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